"My journey began in October 2012. Like most people in their 20s and 30s, I was struggling to balance a demanding career and social life. Long hours at work and a lack of sleep and exercise soon began to take their toll on my mind and body. Having always been healthy and active throughout my youth, I quickly grew tired of feeling so rubbish.

It was at this time that the holistic health movement was really gaining momentum in Australia, and thinking I had nothing to lose, I wholeheartedly jumped on board. I learned that the health of our digestive systems is central to our overall wellbeing, and that probiotics, aka 'good bacteria' are vitally important for a healthy gut. I began buying cultured foods at my local supermarket and took part in a workshop to learn how to make them for myself. I soon noticed that I was suffering less with IBS and the wide array of hormonal issues that had previously plagued most of my late teens and early twenties. I've since completely fallen in love with the process of fermentation; an intriguing blend of science and art!



Whilst living in Australia, I travelled back to UK annually to visit friends and family and was always frustrated by the lack of availability of high-quality ferments. There were very few British brands producing unpasteurised products, and even fewer still that were tasty. Thus The Cultured Collective was born. I moved back to London and created a brand that is a reflection of all aspects of me, my values and  passions. We utilise the finest ingredients, processed via traditional methods, using authentic, traditional-style recipes to produce products that are both healthy and delicious."

Nikki Peters